Saturday, September 11, 2010

Give Away!

A budget savvy Victorian Row House reno.

The Toronto Fall Home Show takes place at the end of this month and the wonderful producers of the show were generous enough to send me 10 pairs of tickets for CREED readers!  Based on the emails and comments I receive thru this blog I know most of you are tackling your own home improvement projects and this show is sure to offer an abundance of inspiration and resources.  For readers in the Toronto area this is a chance to score a pair of complimentary tickets ($20 value) just for reading.

The theme of the show this year is 'Renovate Your Life' with a focus on creating a beautiful home that won't break the bank.  Check out the lineup of celebrity appearances, expert speakers and exhibit highlights here along with all the show details.

If you're interesting in a pair of free tickets,,simply leave a comment below to request a pair.  That's it, easy as that!  If there's more than 10 readers interested I'll put everyones name into a draw and randomly pick names.

The Toronto Fall Home Show
The Better Living Centre
Exhibition Place
September 30 - October 3rd

AS A BONUS........with each pair of tickets I'll also include a brand new copy of the Crave Toronto guide (retail $19). These city guides have been published for numerous cities throughout the US such as San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, LA, Atlanta and New York,,they showcase and support local businesses featuring a selection of the city's leading female entreprenesses.  This past spring marked the launch of the first Canadian version and I was thrilled to have been invited to be part of the Crave Toronto tribe.  Fresh off the presses in May, I've got a box of these books in my office I keep tripping over so I've decided to make this a DOULBE give away.

Leave your request for tickets below before end of day September 14th.  Check back here on September 15th for the results of the Give Away and how to receive your tickets and book.


  1. Great give away prizes! I would love the tickets and my wife would love the Crave book.

  2. Hi Carol,
    How nice for you and congrats on the spot in Crave book. I have not attended any shows this year and would love to win some tickets.

    Hope you are enjoying this this beautiful Saturday.

  3. Hey Carol,

    I'd love the tickets...and a copy of Crave too!


  4. Hi Carol
    It is very gracious of you to share your tickets to the show and CRAVE. I would love to win a ticket and attend the show.

    Congratulations on the CRAVE entry …. I shared the book with my sisters on mother’s day in celebration of the amazing female entrepreneurs in our City ….

  5. I would love to get the tickets. We are just in the process of working on a small project and I would love to get some more inspiration/ideas.
    By the way...Love your blog =)

  6. Hi Carol,

    I would love tickets to the show!

    I just found your blog about 3 months ago and boy am I glad I did. I'm sure whatever is being shown at the show will be *almost* as good as everything I've managed to learn from you blog so far.



    PS - I don't have an account so I'm posting from my husband's google account

  7. Carol
    Loved your "out east series" I recognized most of your photos-we have a family cottage on the Bay of Fundy. I'm glad you had such a good time, the Maritimes are very special to us too. I hope I win a ticket, I could use some inspiration! (I renovate condos and sell or rent them)

  8. Wow, what a great giveaway!! I'm in Ottawa, but I'm pretty sure I can find someone to make the road trip to TO with me :-)


  9. Hi Carol
    We have a lot of reno work to do and would love to go to the Fall Home Show for more ideas.

  10. What a great idea Carol...Vancouver just had the home show this last weekend, but I couldn't make it.

    -Looks like the 9th-16 of Nov. for NYC if you can swing it :)



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